Google Merchant says our landing pages are down, error 1020. Looks like a firewall issue?

We are submitting our products to Google Merchant. We received an error from them that our landing pages are down. According to a Google rep, they are receiving an error: 1020. I believe it is a Cloudflare Firewall issue. Our company decided to block traffic from a few countries that we do not ship to, but it looks like we have blocked Google in the process. Is there a way to allow Google Merchant to get through this?

I created a support ticket #1943018, but I haven’t heard from support in seven days now.

After trying some tests, it looks like China needed to be unblocked.

I’m still wondering if there is a way to continue blocking China, but allow Google though.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re using a firewall rule, make sure you have an “and ‘known bots’ = off”, eg


If that doesn’t work, you should find out the ASN Google is using to crawl from China, and exclude that in your Firewall rule block.

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