Google Merchant Center Feed Connection Failure

I have read the knowledge base. I created a firewall rule for the URL to Allow. I have also tried setting the Firewall to “Essentially Off”. Finally, I set Cloudflare to Development Mode. After trying all these things I still have not been able to get Google Merchant Feed to fetch the xml file from the server at the URL.

I have also contacted the hosting company and they believe the issue is with Cloudflare. Has anyone resolved the issue with Cloudflare not allowing connection to Google Merchant Center XML Feed?

Is anything showing up in Firewall Events Activity Log?

I don’t see any events in the Firewall Activity Log that correspond with the times of the file fetch attempts. I did run Cloudflare Diagnostics on the URL in question. There I received several errors that indicate that Cloudflare is unable to connect to the server at the URL. I have contacted the hosting company again to see if they can help with resolving the issue.

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I seem to have resolved this issue by creating a new feed with the same data at a different URL. I setup the new feed in Google Merchant Center as a new data source. The file is now uploading.

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