Google Merchant Center Blocked?

I am trying to fetch an xml feed in my domain. I can see the google bot at Cloudflare, My ISP cannot see it getting to their logs at all. I cannot see it either in my firewall logs. CloudFlare must be blocking the Google Bot in some way. Need help!

This IP has no valid PTR. According to Googlebot Verification | Google Search Central | Google Developers is is not Goooglebot, you may want to contact the vendor to have them update their expected PTR values if this is a valid address.

That is what I was afraid of. Google seems to think it is my fault even though I am telling them it is on their end. It is the fetch from Google Merchant Center. I will have to call Google again.

Tried putting a firewall rule in to allow it by ASN. Still nothing. Cloudflare wont let it through. Any way to allow it through or is that a sitewide issue on CloudFlare?

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