Google Meet offline when on WARP

We have a edge case problem in that a member of staff has reported an issue when attempting to connect to Google Meet video calls whilst connected to WARP.

We already have a Split Tunnel exception and DO NOT INSPECT HTTP policy for all Google’s IPs and domains.

All other members of staff can access and use Google Meet just fine.

We’ve isolated the issue to the individual end-users’ home network or the ISP as when they use a mobile phone hotspot they can connect just fine.

The users get a Google:

You are offline
Go back online to use Google Meet

We’ve verified the user is online by going to a browser and searching in Google. So they are 100% online when connected to WARP but the Google Meet interface simply won’t load.

We’ve also tried using a mobile hotspot as described above with WARP enabled and this works fine too.

very interesting.
i wonder if it has to do with the issue of network speed, or if there’s a misconfiguration in the cloudflare gateway policy.

we had the same issue and It appears that we just needed to add updated entries into exclude split tunnel config, this is now working with BETA 2023.8.296.1.