Google Maps API Issue With Rocket Loader (#2195429)

We have the Google Maps API loaded on a good portion of our pages. Whenever we enable Rocket Loader the map disappears and only the background image shows. When we disable it everything works fine.

We prefer to use Rocket Loader so if anyone knows a workaround that would be great!

Rocket Loader isn’t compatible with all JS. I suggest you open a ticket and they can try to track down the incompatibility. Email them at: support AT cloudflare DOT com and post the ticket # here for more visibility.


Thank you! Appreciate it!

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CF suggested one of the following methods to turn Rocket Loader off for your resources that are buggy with Rocket Loader:

Turn off Rocket Loader at > Speed > Rocket Loader > Off

Create a page rule to turn Cloudflare off on affected pages.

Set Rocket Loader to ignore specific Javascripts by adding the data-cfasync=“false” flag to the scripts.

This is the method I personally would recommend, as it let you very explicitly select the JS files which are not compatible, while all others are still profiting from RocketLoader.

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Really appreciate your help!

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