Google map does not work when cloudflare is enabled


I have enabled cloudflare in the site Google map is embedded in almost every page in the site. The maps used to come up properly until recently. Now the maps are not centered at all.

How can I make it work? Can anyone suggest me please? I checked stackoverflow and someone suggested using page rules. Seems like I cannot uncache requests to from cloudflare.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



Loads fine for me, except for the site generally not being very fast. What error do you get?


Thanks for the replay. The site loads fine (bit slow), the google map inserted is not centered. Please check the link:

Instead of centering to Taiwan, the map shows full world view. The setting for map is ok, you can view the proper map if you go to the map link directly. The embedded map is:


The link you used to embed it does not specify the zoom and position paramters as shown in your example here.

I rather doubt this is a Cloudflare issue but rather something Google specific!topic/maps/quMx7dBz6-Q


Thanks for pointing out. The link is generated by google itself, I guess will have to tweak it.


I notice you added the parameters, it seems to work now :slight_smile:


This is not an elegant solution. We can do this for a few maps but there are more than 100 maps in the site. It is not possible to do hit and trial for each of them.

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