Google Mail Not Working

Dear Cloudflare,

I just noticed that e-mails on my domain are not functioning well since 9th August.

I don´t receive any email in Gmail. Messages are not received and not delivered to recipient and we cant sincronice them with Thunderbird that is the email app we used to use previously.

Our DNS in Cloudflare shows GSUITE MX DNS correctly but with the Google App (Dig (DNS lookup)) shows a different ones.

I contacted GSuite, I was told to get in touch with Cloudflare.

Kindly help on this issue.

Thank you.

Olajide Ajagbe

The domain associated with the email address on your account is no longer being served by Cloudflare nameservers, it is instead using Siteground nameservers, though they appear to be returning correct Mx records from Siteground. In Cloudflare you have an incorrect entry fwhich includes the verification record they gave as an Mx which is incorrect, but shouldn’t matter since Cloudflare is not acting as your nameserver anyway.

Your .es domain is not set to use Gmail at all, so I assume you weren’t asking abbot that one.

Your ‘7’ domain has it’s DNS managed by siteground fully, no option to manage it in Cloudflare. It’s Mx records appear to point to some 3rd party spam filtering service. It can be changed/managed in siteground.

Your ‘muy’ domain is managed throguh Cloudflare and appears to point to the same spam filtering service as the ‘7’ domain.

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