Google Lighthouse consider cloudflare slow?

Whenever I run a test to any Cloudflare website (I have tested 10+) in google lighthouse it always says.

All pages served from this origin have a Slow speed compared to other pages in the Chrome User Experience Report over the last 30 days.To view suggestions tailored to each page, analyze individual page URLs.

So does google consider Cloudflare slow?

(I know few enterprise plan sites which are also getting reported as slow)

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I have tested akamai, fastly, bunnycdn site all are @least showing Average. Sharing you few screenshot of those sites.

pastfactory and hooch are not using Cloudflare.


Thats what I am saying. People using other CDN, Google @least showing Average speed. Did you check your website in google lighthouse Does it show SLOW?

My site is showing slow. Now I am sharing a website which I know for a fact using Cloudflare enterprise plan.

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Ah, now I see. I don’t use Chrome, so I don’t know those results for my sites. I use other sites to test performance: Pingdom, GTMetrix, WebPageTest. And my browsers’ Dev Tools. Then I comb through the results to see what’s slowing things down.

At 4+ seconds for a site to first display, I agree it’s slow. It looks like TTFB (if that’s what First Input Delay really is) is ok. Your first post showed 1.9 seconds for FCP.

To summarize, that rating has very little to do with Cloudflare, but almost everything to do with website design.

you do not need to use chrome.

It also show aggregated data from all chrome user experience.


you are trying to say all Cloudflare website design is bad. I get 80 score yet I get slow speed. While on 21 score a website using akamai is getting average speed by chrome aggregated data?

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Here are the results of one of my sites. It’s about 1 Meg of data and 29 requests:

but it doesn’t say anything about your site being slow or fast? Is it a real life page or just a test page without any font css javascript?

One of such page showing 95 score with slow network,

Hi @user3011,

Every test tool has its issues. The biggest problem with PageSpeed Insights, in my opinion, is that you cannot control any aspect of the testing, and therefore you cannot make the test conform to your target audience. This tool uses a one-size-fits-all approach to speed test, using for its mobile test a throttled 3G connection using a mid-tier device that may be relevant if your website is in a place where 3G connection speeds are still a reality. If not, the tool won’t let you adjust for that.

Another aspect is location. It doesn’t say from where in the Google Cloud the test is being performed, and it could as well be from a different location (city, state, even country) each time you run the test.

I’d suggest you have a look at this article, especially the section intitled 3 Key Points To Remember When You Run A Pagespeed Test, where these issues are explained in more detail.

Then keep in mind that Cloudflare only caches your content after the first visit to a specific datacenter, and the speed gain most users from a given location will get from this will not be reflected in a test such as PSI. You may want to try testing with, where you can chose to have “Repeat view”, which fetches the content twice from the same datacenter, for comparison.


But floripare,

Those condition remain same with other CDN as well. When I was testing my location remain static. On those condition in last 30 days other cdn provider showing average speed while Cloudflare showing slow in last 30 days on almost all Cloudflare hosted website.

  • it is also showing chrome aggregated data which It collect from almost all user on chrome on web (which is almost 65% of the web). Field Data is saying my site is slow in last 30 days. Actually every Cloudflare site is showing SLOW in last 30 days.

Three condition you mentioned remain same for other CDN like akamai as well. Somehow they show average speed with Throttled 3G Connection.

Does google has some kind of enmity towards Cloudflare only?

Discredting other company tools like light house doesn’t help because at the end of the Google makes decision based on those tools. We either need search traffic from google or revenue from google from ADs and I believe Chrome Field data is utmost important when google make decision related to a domain.

As we all know speed is a inherent feature now in search Index and with Ads also with new betterads standard, Can we look this issue for once that it might be a Cloudflare issue rather than discrediting other company tools?

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It’s not a matter of discrediting other company tools. It’s a matter of not being able to use this tool objectively to compare against other tools’ results. You could run a test from GTMetrix and and set both to run from Dallas, US. You can’t do the same with PSI. You won’t know where they are testing from. For that reason alone, the fact that you posted a few sites using other CDNs doesn’t make the comparison objective. Many factors can cause slowness, and having two different sites compared by the same tool isn’t an objective comparison, given their different content, origin TTFB etc. And even if you where to make a copy of a website and place it in two different domains, you wouldn’t be sure PSI tested them from the same location.

That said, I’m not saying you cannot be right. Perhaps you are right. But perhaps not. What I say is that I cannot be certain that you are right or not, as there aren’t objective PSI tools available to compare these domains.

In favor of PSI, we have the fact that for many sites they reveal the “real life” data Chrome collects. But against how many sites? When they say this page has a Slow speed compared to other pages in the Chrome User Experience Report, are they comparing in a segment? Against the aggregate total? Only in the country your site targets as audience? Globally?

As for Cloudflare against other CDNs, here are a few sites apparently using Akamai with a slow/slow rating:,, Does that make Akamai slow? I don’t think so. These sites are pretty fast as far as user experience goes. But their reading at PSI is not better than one of my sites that I can’t claim are as fast as these.

Yes, that’s a good point. But I doubt this vague classification of Slow/Average/(presumably there’s a Fast group too :slight_smile: ) has any meaningful rating use. I’d stick with their scoring, which seems to consider many objective factors, and about which you can actually do something, by following their own list of recommended steps. And I say that knowing that the score they show changes at every refresh of the test. They probably have a averaged score for a certain time period they don’t show us that is used for ranking purposes.


Just a short comment. Cloudflare does many things, but it won’t generally speed up the delivery of the the initial html document/output. How could it? This file will always be served from YOUR server (origin), before being passed through Cloudflare, and Cloudflare obviously can’t make this document faster than it is served from your server. The exception is static cacheable assets (js, css, images etc), which MIGHT be cached on Cloudflare CDN, but this is just a small factor in performance testing tools.

Also, these performance tools are also reporting things like “first contentful paint” and “first input delay”, which are also affected by how your website is created (for example, does jsvascript and css need to load before the page can render?).

Having said the above, I don’t quite see how you are comparing Cloudflare with other CDN services, which only cache STATIC assets. They don’t affect loading the main document, and neither will Cloudflare.

Cloudflare does many things, and can add security and speed up delivery of static assets, but it won’t generally make the initial document load any faster than your server delivers it, unless you have setup page-caching (which is tricky).

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We have cache everything enabled. So the above statement is out of the question. Now I do not have any render blocking CSS and Javascript on the page either.

My comparison is fair but No one here believes in it. They are not able to produce a single Cloudflare based website which show average or fast speed. All Cloudflare sites showing SLOW origin.

Just for argument sake about website design. They are not suggesting even a single change on the site.

Does your site on Cloudflare ever show Average BTW?

We are not “they”. Please understand that each individual volunteer in this community is contributing his/her personal opinion and sharing his/her experience, except for properly identified staff members when sharing official info, news etc.

But here are a couple of Cloudflare-proxied websites for which PSI gives Slow/Average, which BTW is the same vague ranking category where Google is at. (Cloudflare or not, I haven’t been able to find a single domain that gets Fast. Of a few AMP-optimized news organizations websites I tried, most got Slow, only one page got Average)

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Sorry to use word “They” but it certainly feel like when people start defending a company blindly. In start of this topic I produce two non Cloudflare cdn hosted site showing average. I have tested many outside Cloudflare network showing average. Nodejs is on Cloudflare and it is showing SLOW. so is getbootstrap. I tried testing both this additional information showing on your screenshot showing average was not present in my test.

I would rather not focus on what other cdn are showing. My solely concern is why my cdn provider is showing SLOW.

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