Google is totally USA Centric

I have a a number of UK Business websites that get most of their attacks from the USA. One in particular is a garage For rather obvious reasons they only repair cars in the UK. So it seems sensible for me to set up a firewall rule than only allows access to the site form the UK and all other countries are rejected by Cloudflare. Well that seems to be to be a logical and sensible approach.

But here is the catch: It appears that If google cannot access the website from the US they take the business listing down.

I am also blocking Bots at the firewall, which may e another reason why google has taken the business listing down. I say maybe as I have just spoken to them and they say that hey cannot tell me why the site has been taken done - Kafka is clearly still relevant.

So my question is how can I create a firewall rule that allows Google and its bots to find my site but keeps out the US originating attacks?

Setup your rule so that Known Bots, aka friendly bots such as Googlebot, aren’t blocked.


Thanks KianNH … have done that and lets see if that satisfies them!

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