Google is showing outdated posts

if you search for my post on google, the result is a outdated post that does not reflect the changes I made more than a month ago, and further, the images are not showing up.

I have deactivated all of my cache plugins (perfmatters, WP rocket), and purged cache multiple times across plugins and Cloudflare. However, the situation is not resolving.

Please help me diagnose.

Reproducible steps:
search “fatfire best vanguard funds” on google - my post shows up, it’s outdated (does not have 2023 in title), if you continue clicking to homepage, that is also outdated, as is many other posts.

if you go directly to → not always, but sometimes you will actually see updated site. But sometimes you won’t either.

if you search “stock market crash fatfire” you will see the updated post (title says 2023), which then takes you to homepage where you can actually see best vanguard funds as updated with 2023 in the title.