Google is refusing to forward email from my domain

I haven’t been getting emails on a semi-random basis, which should have been forwarded from my domain to a Gmail address. When I click to see the error this is what comes up:

Unknown error: transient error (421): Gmail has detected an unusual rate of unsolicited mail originating from your DKIM domain [ 36]. To protect our users from spam, mail sent from your domain has been temporarily rate limited. For more information, go to Email sender guidelines - Google Workspace Admin Help to review our Bulk Email Senders Guidelines. p9-20020a05622a00c900b004343ec103a4si2461591qtw.579 - gsmtp

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While you didn’t post in Email Routing, you have described a common theme that is discussed often in that category. You may want to skim some of those topics and reconsider your email delivery strategy. Forwarding to large freemail providers is not ever going to be reliable because you have no way to override their anti-spam policies.

Okay thanks – I have definitely seen similar posts, but no real resolution. Is this not something that Cloudflare could or should help with? It’s their DKIM that is being flagged, is it not?

DKIM is evaluated against the RFC 5322 sender domain. That is the address shown in the From field of the message. While Cloudflare Email Routing will sign any unsigned emails that it relays, those signatures will lack the required DKIM alignment needed to pass DMARC.

This article explains alignment in greater detail.

Got it. So if I’m understanding the other posts on this topic, the only option is to just not forward emails to Gmail, is that correct? Is there any other solution that doesn’t require me changing email providers or just never forwarding email?

I wrote off email forwarding to free email provider accounts as a lost cause a decade ago, so none of my recommendations will meet your criteria. I use POP retrieval from a basic mailbox for domain email with users who insist on using a free Gmail account, and even then, its only for personal domain email, never business.

If you can live with the possibility of intermittent delivery issues that are beyond your control, your current setup is sufficient. If your email is important, you should use a real mailbox provider and route your email to them via MX.

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