Google is finding interior site pages of old site after a redirect

We created a 301 redirect from our old domain to our new one on 30 school sites. Google search results is now ranking an interior page of the old site above the new site. This is causing users to find our old websites instead of the new ones.

We used WordPress and are wondering if there is a step we can take to hide the content on the old site.

Also wondering if there are any steps we can take to get Google to stop doing this.

This isn’t really a Cloudflare specific issue, but you probably want to look into sending particular headers for robots like Google if you specifically want them to not index some pages:

You can use these to instruct Google to not index specific pages, etc. You could do this at your origin, or via something like Transform Rules if you wanted to do it on Cloudflare’s end:

The more optimal solution though would be to redirect any of those interior pages to their new versions on your new site, to help both Google and your users here. Users may have old URLs bookmarked or things like that.

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