Google is absolutely unable to see my domain's DNS records

My flow is the same for all of my domains, yet there is a single one that I cannot get to work.

I point all of my domains to external DNS server which is Cloudflare where I manage all of the records (A, MX for Google Workspace, TXT, CNAME etc).

I have some issues with where some people (not all) cannot send me e-mails. Google support told me there are no Name Servers specified. I’m absolutely confused because:

On the OVH it looks like any other of my domains:

enter image description here

On the Cloudflare it has everything it needs to work in Google Workspace (Suite)

enter image description here

and the Google Consultant said there are no DNS records to be found:

enter image description here

Please give me at least a hint, whether the issue is on OVH, Cloudflare, Google or have I done something wrong and I’m missing a thing?

In terms of the website, it should point to a dummy static page I’ve temporarily made, but browser cannot resolve it as well.

I see two issues:

  1. The domain is using DNSSEC. This can’t be enabled when you’re changing name servers. It looks like it’s registered at OVH, so I suggest you disable DNSSEC over there and let it sit for a while.
  2. Those DNS records for your website don’t resolve. Again, this is probably caused by DNSSEC.

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