Google indexes the URL addresses, but then doesn't update them

I have had old URLs on Google for months and I don’t understand its slow updating. On several fronts (the Wp Super Cache plugin, hosting, Google support) everything is fine.

But that’s not true, because there are URLs from 3 months ago, Google struggles to add new URLs and there is a view to updating URLs, despite 0 errors on Search Console. Could you check if I have any errors on Cloudflare?

I have 0 clicks from Google talking about old video games of the past, like Super Mario Bros. I have done a revolution with the pages; From the text, categories, tags, SEO, technical SEO, and more. the results are highly unlikely to be the same, ie 0 clicks in 6 months.

What’s the domain?

Did you scan the URL in google webmaster tools? if it’s okay then its Google choosing not to rank you, and god knows what for… You need to be a magician of the 100th order to know or at least in John M’s pocket to figure out what the F Google is doing.

Also, did you know there was a major core update 26th still rolling out causing the usual devastation?

This is not uncommon, and often normal what you are experiencing, what is worse often scraper sites will steal and use PBN and other blackhat stuff and index / rank your stolen articles before they are indexed, often citing your articles as spam. It’s a plague, and Google endorses it. I mean check the comments on these, and the past, and you will get the feeling.

Sadly, this will continue in the next update, then the next.

May 2022 core update releasing for Google Search | Google Search Central Blog | Google Developers

Google May 2022 Core Update Is Live - Here Is What We Are Seeing Early On (

TLDR; you are probably doing everything right and perhaps even more, just Google being Google.

@KianNH The page concerned is this: Old Free Game • Play With The Online Emulator

@JoshJ Sorry, I haven’t read the whole long article, because I’ve had the problem for 6 months, that is, since the opening. I have tried everything and it seems that I have done nothing.

it’s my first site and I thought I did a good job. I redid it all and seeing that nothing matters hurts my heart and wallet.

I remember Cloudflare reporting some errors to me, but I can’t find the page anymore.

I noticed that when I customize with the Astra theme on, I get code 404 on Italian pages. If I change the language from Italian to English while I am on Personalize, after several attempts it loads me the page but in English. In fact in the SERP I have exactly these two problems; The pages are removed from Google (or are not updated) and the pages in Italian in the SERP are a little in Italian, a little in English.

I reported the issues with the Astra theme and the Translatepress plugin, but I wanted to know an opinion from you and if it could depend on Cloudflare in any way.

I’ve been using Google’s Indexing API ( Indexing API Quickstart  |  Google Developers ) to manage all my Google crawling needs

You can send many more crawl requests with the API (200/day) than you can via Search Console (10/day), plus, the API crawl requests seem to carry much more “weight” in terms of whether or not Google will actually update their indexes after the crawl. And the API has a delete function, while Search Console does not (only a “temporary removal” feature)

The documentation says that you’re only supposed to use the API for job postings or video broadcasts but I’ve been using it for over a year for all my sites with no issues, and I’ve heard from others. Your results may vary of course.

I used it too, without much success. I have it on Rankmath and they helped me install it. I believe I did a good job with this program yesterday and will see results soon.

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