Google has detected harmful content

Google search console warning:
1 issue detected:
Google has detected harmful content on some of your site’s pages.
Description: These URLs host malware or unwanted software downloads.
Sample URLs: N/A
Any idea how to solve it?
Does CF has anti virus/malware tool?


I am afraid no. Cloudflare does not have anti virus and/or malware tool for your website.
It provides security, firewall, performance, etc.

In that case, you should use online tools like Sucuri.
Moreover, if using Linux, there are tools like rkhunter, chkrootkit, clamav, etc.
Otherwise, you would use and pay some tools like Patchman, KernelCare, Imunify360, Wazuh etc.

What is the domain?
Do you use some CMS like WordPress? If so, install WordFence plugin to scan files for malware and remove them and also enable protection for your Website.
Moreover, if using Cloudflare and WordFence, do not forget to enable CF-Connecting-IP.

At Cloudflare dashboard there are a lot of ways to mitigate or minimize attacks.

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Hello, sorry to hear about this! If the issue has been resolved please ignore this reply! If not, can you please give me the URL that your getting this on? Also try running it in 3rd party scanning apps (like and then copy and paste the URL or give me the URL and I’ll paste it directly. Also did this occur AFTER editing the site (EX: Adding new web pages or editing or adding content) if so this “new” content maybe causing the google search console to trigger and think it’s harmful content. Also I request the following information A screenshot of the google console message, a message of the red-flag warning (the website), the results of the URL I provided (if you use it!). **Please note: I may need more information later but this is a start

If cloudflare finds malware on your site it will warn you and require you to take action. Also when did you first start getting this error message? I know it’s a lot of questions so take your time, there is no need to rush! Again if this issue is already resolved ignore it or type something like “@william.haskin25 This issue is already resolved, I don’t need any help!” Or just reply with the same thing (Yes I mentioned myself). I hope I can help if this issue is not already resolved!

@yb78 Ignore my reply to your note, I din’t see the reply above! the part that I quoted

Thanks, the warning just vanished after few days…

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Your message triggered as “dangerous” in my email

This message seems dangerous

So I deleted the conversation from my inbox, just thought I’d let you know

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