Google Gmail SMTP and no MX records Set

I did change recently my hosting plan and it doesn’t have email included, so I don’t have MX records now, set on my DNS. Since my sites are not a business and I don’t need a professional email, I created a project on Google developers and am using now the API for the email using SMTP on the sites. Will this be enough to get it to work on Cloudflare too since I am using a personal account on google and this one has no MX records?

To receive email at your domain, you need MX records. Any mail service you set up should let you know what your MX record should look like.

To send through an SMTP API, you don’t need an MX record.

Thanks for the reply. for now, I am going to just use SMTP API and see what happens. I just wanted to know that it is still possible to receive the usual comments on posts for the site since this is the first time I don’t have email included on the hosting account and Cloudflare did request me to set Mx records on the DNS page.

Cloudflare doesn’t exactly “request” MX records, but it does caution users about possibly needing such a record.

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