Google getting 403 response when site is actually working

Hello - My website is working fine. People can reach it and it is fully accessible. The issue is that ever since we installed Cloudflare (CF) our Google rankings tanked and the bots/crawlers are getting a 403 error. The website serves up all pages fine when you go to it. No one has complained that they can’t reach the website except a few that were met with a CF challenge. I have CF settings set to allow good bots. It is blocking know bots because I’m assuming that they are bad. But even when I turn that off Google still get the 403 error. I’ve waited up to a half hour after turning it off to try. I have also bypassed CF entirely by turning it off and it still seems to block the the Google bots. When I use Google console to test the URL it comes back with a 403 error. I’ve tried everything, allowlisting Google IP’s, had my server guys check the server for issues and they said there are none. I’m at my witts end and really could use some help to point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance.

This would suggest the problem is not at Cloudflare’s end.

Please put your Cloudflare setting in DNS-Only mode (:grey:) and provide the URL so we can check for you.

Standing by.


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