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I can receive emails but I can not send out emails. I bypass the Proxied for my emails only when I set up my account. I did not had this problem before I added Cloudflare. Now I have cloudflare and can not send out emails. I’m getting this from Google when I post blogs on my site.
Delivery incomplete
((There was a temporary problem delivering your message to . Gmail will retry for 46 more hours. You’ll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.))

That email above is mine other email address.

I don’t know why you’d get a Google message for email at a @gmail address. You didn’t provide any information on your domain, so there’s nothing for us to check.

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[email protected]

Not that it’s the issue here, but your MX record points to a hostname that’s set to :orange:. That’s not an optimal way to set up mail for your domain.

I expect that when 46 hours is up, you’ll get a reject message with more detailed information. Is that “support” email address the return address for the message that you’re sending out? Can your site successfully sent email to a non-Gmail address?

Yes my site can. Every time I post it gets send out to non-gmail address. Now it’s having issues with cloudflare. How would I set it up the right way?

See if you can use to test your outgoing email. Note that Cloudflare has nothing to do with outbound email, aside from possible TXT records in DNS. But those should match the TXT records you had before switching to Cloudflare.

This is not always the case if the sender was relying on the +a SPF policy. Once the host was changed to :orange:, the result of that policy would have changed, and mail might be dropped as a result.

On the server side I have “” Should I charge the MX (mail server) to or it dose not matter?

I looked at the SPF. It included the IP address of the server. Regardless, that’s why I recommend using mail-tester.

I tried that and no luck. I can still receive mails but still I can not send out email with this domain. [email protected]

I switch back to the server side (host) and now the emails are work fine. So now with cloudflare something in here is blocking me to send out emails via gmail. I can receive emails fine. What can it be?

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