Google Domains not showing DNS, can't change nameservers

I’ve just created my very first google site, bought cloudflare hosting. After doing some research, I found out that I need to change my nameserver from my Google DNS even after connecting the cloudflare domain from google site.

Now here’s the problem, I went into my google domain, I couldn’t find the DNS section from the top right of the menu, it also seems like I currently do not have domain looking from the page. It only says something about recommending me to go squarespace cause they moved.

Some people from the internet says that I can also do it in Google Workspace, but I don’t have an account on that and Google Workspace is not FREE too. What are the solutions now?

Can’t change my nameservers from Google DNS and I already bought the Cloudflare hosting plan.

cloudflare is not a hosting provider, what is the domain?

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Maybe I got some terms wrong. But I did buy the $6.55 yearly thing from Cloudflare. Created the website from Google Site.

Your domain is set up to use Cloudflare name servers (as you bought the domain from Cloudflare). has “too many redirects” so check your SSL/TLS is set to “Full (strict)” here… doesn’t have a DNS entry. If your site is hosted on Google, then you are probably best to redirect to on Cloudflare.

You purchased the domain from Cloudflare. Cloudflare is your domain registrar.

But you created a Google site. Google is your hosting provider.

You don’t need to.

You simply have to create the appropriate DNS record(s) pointing to the Google Sites platform. This is usually a CNAME record to… but your Google Sites custom domain setup wizard should give you the exact records to use and tell you exactly what to do.

And that’s not what you did: your current DNS records are totally wrong.

Below is an example of the setup wizard from the free version of Google Sites (ie not under a paid Workspace plan). But follow the instructions from your own account, and not any random “online research” (from your original post).

Even the records for aren’t good. There’s a proxied A/AAAA record instead of the required CNAME which shouldn’t be proxied, and a bogus TXT record pointed to the default Google Sites address

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Thanks for all the replies. I’ve read all your responses and made some adjustments.
Is there anything from the attached picture that I’m still doing wrong? Lemme know.

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Currently up and running ! Thanks for the help everyone who replied !


Just a heads-up that currently

But does not work.

You probably want to forward the latter to the former. To do this, first add an A record for the apex domain (@) pointed to, and setup a redirect rule following this guide: Single Redirects — Example rules · Cloudflare Rules docs

Good luck!

Done ! Thank you so much

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