Google Domains is dead, it's time to support all Google TLDs

With the death of Google Domains imminent, many are suggesting moving to Cloudflare Registrar. However, there is still no support for common .app, .dev, etc domains owned by Google.

Their TLDs are supported by these registrars:

Why not Cloudflare?


They’re listed as coming soon on the TLDs Page (English version): TLD Policies
They’ve been there for quite a few months now though…


Yeah, I’m really hoping they add .dev and .app support soon. Would be great to transfer my last few domains over to here. :+1:


Created a Cloudflare account and started the transfer process because of the Google Domains shutdown, just to learn that there’s no .dev support here… How soon is “Available Soon”?

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I have a .ca, .in, .dev, and .app that I have been unable to transfer. So I would like to share my interest in also seeing more TLD’s supported by Cloudflare so I can consolidate my domains into a single registrar (why I used Google Domains).


I’m chiming in here too, I have just one .dev domain left on Google and I would love to transfer it over. It feels like the has said “Coming Soon” for a while.

It would be convenient to have all of these consolidated.

Paging. With the death of Google Domains on the horizon, I’ve been looking to migrate to Cloudflare’s registrar. Is there any form of ETA for availability of .dev? I only have one website that needs transferring, and it’s using that TLD.

With a bit of luck, the exodus of people moving to Cloudflare will decrease the time before the new TLDs get added.

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I think now would be the perfect time for Cloudflare to add .dev and .app extensions. A lot of people who use domains will be jumping ship before the deal officially closes to avoid being ‘Squarepace customer’.

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Just adding myself to the list of people who would like to see this soon, as I also have domains on Google I’m wanting to transfer over but currently can’t.

Adding myself to the list here. Would love to transfer two .dev domains over to Cloudflare from Google.

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Note: We plan to support .dev and .app by mid-July 2023.



What about .zip and others?

.zip is an abomination.


Always those .arj fanboys

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Any update on this?

Well, as per the official article, mid-July has come and gone, and still no support. Hopefully Cloudflare can provide us with a status update…


Finally jumped ship from Google Domains - it was the last Google service I was clinging onto. Here I am, going through another annoying migration because Google decided to pull the plug on yet another product :unamused:. Managed to move all my domains over to Cloudflare now. Just hanging tight for that .app support to sort out the remaining ones.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:, they start supporting premium domains soon! Got one stuck with Google and it feels like it’s stranded on a deserted island. Can’t wait to complete this move! :disappointed:

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Live now