Google Domains DNS transfer broken for TXT records

I just transferred three domains from Google Domains and all three had errors when migrating TXT records. For example all three of my DMARC records ended up with quotes in the raw record that was imported. This caused some confusing errors in the UI later in the process that took quite a bit of debugging before I discovered the actual underlying issue.

For example, after importing if I go to the DMARC section I see:

There’s no default RUA found in your DMARC record. You may not receive reports with this configuration.

where the DMARC record is (edited so the forum will allow me to post). The quotes where invluded in the value.

“v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=”

Clicking “Fix Records” takes me to the “Configure DMARC records” page which has the exact same record (sans quotes). Clicking the blue “Add” button works, but it doesn’t add a record or fix the underlying quoted record. It then takes me back to the exact same dmarc page with the error. This same problem existed with SPF records. It would add a second record then error because multiple records existed, etc.

I was able to fix the issue by removing the errant quotes on the TXT records. All functions appear to work as expected now.

So a couple of bugs:

  1. Be careful when importing records from google domains to not include quotes.
  2. Make sure that the quotes are handled properly when validating/adding dmarc and spf records.

[Sorry for the random quoted text, it was the only way to get the forum software from linkifying things and then rejecting the post because it had too many links]


Thanks, this resolved my problem when migrating from dnsmadeeasy.

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The formatting got messed up but the rua= in the record contained the cloudflare email address, it was not empty. It went missing as I tried to clear out links. So the error message was not accurate as rua had an email associated.

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