Google domains, Cloudflare DNS, non-local nameserver glue?

I’m having an issue changing the NS for various domains in their respective registrars because of what looks like a glue issue with Google Domains, but it doesn’t seem like it should be the case. Pseudo-domains follow. is registered with Google Domains. It is configured to use the Cloudflare NS (custom nameservers). Everything works fine with this basic setup (eg:, MX records, SOA, etc).

I created A records for and - these are NOT USED as the NS for I have a VPS with WHM/cPanel, and it is running a DNS server. ns1/ A records are pointing to this VPS.

I have added an account to the VPS,

If you do dig it works fine. You get the proper A record pointing to the proper IP address.

When I go to Namecheap and try to change the NS for to I get a nondescript error message. I submitted a ticket and Namecheap is saying that effectively I need to add glue records for ns1/ at Google Domains.

A) this is impossible. When using a custom NS in Google domains, you cannot add “registered hosts”/glue records. You can only add records like this when using Google’s NS, in which case I can’t use any of the Cloudflare stuff. FWIW it appears that DirectNIC is also giving a similar failure when trying to change the NS for domains there, too.

B) my understanding is that you only need a glue record if you are trying to do IN NS - I am not doing that. In my case, IN NS and I am trying to do IN NS

I double-checked that the ns1/ns2 records in Cloudflare are NOT proxied (DNS only).

Any other suggestions? I’d like to use Cloudflare for the DNS here, but if I can’t make this work, I might have to stick with the Google built-in DNS to be able to register the hosts. This post seems to be relevant: but it is the one that suggests:

You only need glue records when you are resolving a domain who’s nameservers exist as records under that same domain. Outside of this glue records are not needed or used.

In spite of the fact that I do not think glue records are required, adding glue records for and made the registrars (like Namecheap) happy to allow those NS to be entered.


Where did you add the Glue? The Registry should not accept random A records for inclusion in the zone, so if they are not needed, your Registrar should have a hard time installing those records in the zone.

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