Google._domainkey propagated but not showing up in a search of the records

I am setting up google._domainkey

I have added the record the record has been propagated

but not showing up in a search of the records 24 hrs later

any help much appreciated

In this latter query, with:

You’re actually querying for the TXT record on

You need to do the query on, and you will see it:


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That’s two different hostnames. What TXT record are you expecting to see for ?

thank you @DarkDeviL quick response much appreciated

Google is not reading it. So you are saying I have set it up correctly and I either need to wait for google or try and contact google?

You’re welcome, happy to help :slight_smile:

DNS updates can sometimes take a while to propagate out.

Together with that, if Google is only (re-)checking every X hours after the previous (re-)check, for example to avoid flooding other organisations with queries for no good reason, that could delay the validation as well.

You do have a technically valid 2048 bit RSA public key on that _domainkey record.

However, being technically valid isn’t the same as that it matches what Google provided you though.

If there is a mismatch between what Google expects, and what Google sees (for example a single character difference), Google won’t change to claim you’ve successfully

If you can verify that your record matches 100% with what Google gave you, and that Google doesn’t claim it is a success sometime within the next 48-96 hours from now, it would be something you would need to look in to, together with Google.

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thank you very much @DarkDeviL

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