Google Domain Verification

Hi. I’m trying to verify my domain with google. I’ve added the txt record provided to the DNS, but I’m still getting a fail from Google. Wondering if anyone can help me? site is Thanks!

No , No TXT Record exist on the domain

Go to DNS Manager
Add a TXT Record what google gave in Cloudflare .

Hi Neeraj0001. Thanks for helping me- I can confirm that the txt record is added to the DNS manager- that was the first thing that I did. And it’s still not verifying :frowning: Any other thoughts?

Also, I’ve tried to verify by adding a tag directly into the HTML and it still won’t verify?

Can you share a screenshot ?

From your screenshot, for the “Name” of that TXT record either enter @ or (replace with your real domain name) and then click “Save”.


Yes as @fritex said add @ in Name

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