Google domain moved to squarespace question

Many of my domains are Google Domains that are moving to Squarespace. I got an email from Google saying:

To continue to use Google Search Console and other Google services that rely on domain ownership, your domain will need to be re-verified. Please follow these instructions in the next 14 days (by May 3, 2024) to ensure uninterrupted access to Google services that require domain verification.

I checked with ChatGPT and they said the best way to reverify was using the Domain name provider.

I’m not sure how to do the verification. But they sent me to Google Admin Toolbox to see if the TXT records for google verification were the same. The TXT records for google-site-verification=<<some number>> were what I have in Cloudflare.

All that to say, do I need to do anything?

Hi there,

Unfortunately, we only can help answering Cloudflare related questions or issues.

If they mentioned that you will need to verify, you will need to make sure how you can verify.
Adding TXT record can help to reverify, please add correct TXT record with DNS-only mode if Cloudflare is your authoritative DNS.

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