Google doesn't show my website

I made a website and when I type the grey search bar on my desktop , it comes up. When i press the link to my website it comes up. BUT WHEN I TYPE THE URL ON GOOGLE SEARCH IT DOESNT COME UP. Why is this? do I need to submit my site google or something? I’m very new to this stuff and I need my website to come up when searched in google. PLEASE HELP ME.


Please tell us your domain if you feel comfortable to make it public.
What is the error Google is reporting?

Yes, you should use Google Search Console Tools from the link below:

Add your domain/website, verify, and submit your sitemap.xml file.
There are also more options to configure, like indexing using robots.txt file, language, etc.

It can take up to 24-48 hours to show up your Website at Google search.

Nevertheless, SEO is very important and much things to consider to make it be better each day, and usually cannot be the on the 1st place just overnight …

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