Google DKIM Authentication Not Worrking

Trying to get DKIM Authentication to work and no luck. Could use any help. Had a similar issue with ActiveCampaign and CNAM flattening fixed it, but still no good here.

Domain is bassboss[dotcom]. I’ll attach the error.

Any help is appreciated!

Here is the current DNS entry setup with those txt records in place.

The Google DKIM record resolves and appears to be correct, but I’ve not checked every character of it. Compare it to what Google has asked you to set, or copy and paste it into the record again to be sure…

I’ve done a compare on both using BBedit and there is no difference. I just retried ising the 2048 key, so waiting on that. this one has been stuck for weeks now.

Character by character, I would be under the impression that the previous DNS record was perfectly set up as well

However, string comparison by eye may be able to fail, when all you have is an image to go from.

If you can CTRL+F or similar, on the Google page, and it is successfully matching the “p=” area with:


Then all should be fine, and Google should be able to detect it.

If the string comparison is a success, and it still doesn’t work for you after you’ve waited all the 48 hours that Google is suggesting, I would then suggest to reach out to Google for further assistance.

Why wait 48 hours?:

If Google should do some near-instantaneous detection of the update of your record, one of the only options they might have for that, would be to be bombarding your domain (and thus, Cloudflare name servers) with a DNS query, for example every second, which would lead to up to ~ 86400 queries per day.

A lot of organisations may therefore be limiting the requests they make, such as e.g. by only re-checking once per hour, once per 12 hours, or once per day, instead of flooding the authoritative DNS servers with queries.

If that is the case, nothing will change until this time frame (as defined by Google in this specific case) has passed away.

Therefore, patience may often be the key to a lot of things.

Yeah, it’s exactly the same. Waited like 2 weeks for the last one, but i’ll see here and then see what Google support has to say. Thanks!

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