Google Developer Console took down my website

I added my website to Google Developer Console but after my website was down. This happened after I added DNS settings so Google can access the website.But it works for site

There’s currently a bug with the Google Search Console and other products which use Cloudflare’s integration to automatically add the txt records and such for you. They delete any CNAMEs on your apex when adding verification TXT Records.

To fix the issue, you just have to restore the missing CNAME, either by manually recreating it, or just go to your Pages Project Custom Domains, and then delete and recreate the custom domain.

Most likely that is what happened. If you didn’t use the integration or manually added the necessary records, then it’s likely something else that more information would be required to debug, such as the actual error you get on your website.

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One CNAME was left there but it is for the site and that one is working. But I am trying multiple things but my domain name doesn’t work. How should my CNAME look like?

If you have a CNAME on your apex (domain.tld) targeting your zone, and it is added within your Pages Project as a custom domain, it should work.

Can you share the error you get? Is it a Cloudflare error, and if so which one, or some error page by your browser? If you can share the domain as well, that would be helpful

It was just a latency problem. But you helped me so much with the first comment. Thank you so much. :grinning:

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