Google Crawler Error 4xx

Hello there,
i’ve started to use cloudflare for 3 days and now on google merchant center my products began to disapprove by Unavailable Desktop Landing Page 4xx
I’ve contact with google support team and disabled my custom firewall rules for blocking country and they made test for recrawl but unfortunately couldn’t pass to test. I search community about this and i saw i am not single one to get this issue but it seems there is no solution yet or i couldn’t find.
This is really serious problem for my web site now and i am looking to any solution
Thanks for your assist and support

Hi @msvml,

I’m sorry for the troubles you’re facing. I quoted some Cloudflare Team members on this other topic regarding the same issue where you also commented and you should have a better response soon.

Hi @dmz
Thanks for attention
I hope we can get quick solution because disapproved items count increasing :slightly_frowning_face:

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