Google Crawl Slow Since Enabling Cloudflare



Hello Everyone,
I am quite new with CDN.
I enabled Cloudflare CDN and SSL about a week ago and since then I noticed a decrease in the performance of Google crawl.
It is a Wordpress website and before Cloudflare I only had a caching plugin, the only changes made are using Cloudflare for SSL, Caching, Minifying, CDN and Name Servers.

Isn’t it supposed to be faster with Cloudflare? You can see the spike in the loading time.

Thank you in advance


The pages crawled per day doubled. So did the kb per day. I’m thinking the extra load on your server is making it take longer to fill requests.
Try using the Comet Cache plugin. It caches the WP generated pages on your server, increasing performance about 10x. And it’s smart with knowing when to regenerate pages, etc.


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