Google crawl anomaly for Cloudflare sites using SSL/TLS encryption

I have noticed that my sites using Cloudflare have disappeared from google search results.

For example used to be number one for the search “Commercialisti Londra” (it’s now back to n.1 but only because I disabled Cloudflare on the site)

The https version (I had the option Always Use HTTPS on) used to be indexed but now it’s no more.

When I look Google Search Console I can see that all the pages have been excluded

If I test robots.txt blocking I gtet the error robots.txt not found (404) but the file is available if I go via URL

If I inspect the URL (Live Test) I get the following

URL Inspection (Google Index)

When I click Request Indexing I get the following message:

The site-map cannot be fetch

Cloudflare SSL/TLS certificate was on Flexible but to try to solve this issue I generated a self signed certificate on the server and set it to Full but that did not change anything.

I had “Always Use HTTPS” on and I switched it Off

I had “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” on and I switched it Off

If I take out Cloudflare completely so I set Development Mode = ON and in Advanced Actions disable Cloudflare on Site


I can fetch the sitemap.xml

And I can submit the pages for indexing.

Can anyone help me to identify what is going wrong?

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