Google couldn't find an ads.txt file

Hi guys, is there really a way to remove this zero trust thing without having to pay? I used the “access” side menu and I believe I should have tested or clicked because it was active and my plan is free, dollars really won’t go through the credit card that I managed to block due to attempts and my bank has already gone on vacation.
For those of you abroad, the charge is ridiculously cheap, but here in Brazil, in addition to the exchange rate, the government charges a lot of taxes on credit purchases and if it’s in dollars, then (for them, it’s something for the rich, and the elite of the patriarchy has to pay more taxes to contribute to social plans) and as I am not part of the rich white elite of the patriarchy, it is completely inconjoint, unacceptable that I have to pay for a service that I did not buy, did not use, this is more than what theft, it’s extortion (see cloudflare).

I need to remove this thing urgently! Yesterday I reworked all the DNS rules, removing what was not being used, duplicate rules, the site is apparently already online, but it needs adjustments, this “documentation” from Cloudflare is very superficial and doesn’t help much, as everything is being trial and error, (I remembered the hardware and computer and network maintenance course; webmaster course) anyway, now it’s zero trust, I don’t even sign up for the plan, I can’t and I can’t sign up for the plan to remove the legacy service mode!! I believe from the tests that after this is removed I can access the site without the www, without this thing of receiving code by email to access email which actually doesn’t even work, no code arrives.

You can try listing access policies via API and deleting it if returned.

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I understand.
but I just use cloudflare so the website address is “right” because they are Amazon s3.

I just use the cloudflare panel here, I don’t develop programs and applications.

Is the solution you gave me possible to do here? Or is it command code to do it via the Mac terminal? I don’t really use these things that involve using the terminal. It has no connection with my workflow.

I have already sent an email to cloudflare, made a post on linkedin about my point of view, and as a last resort I am considering removing the website from cloudflare. I believe that this zero trust will be removed, but this means the site will be offline again, anyway. #cloudflare

Your other choices are:

  1. Choose a different provider.
  2. Create a new Cloudflare account and move your domains and settings to it.
  3. Add a credit card. Get charged nothing, pay nothing.
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hey Cloudflare are u kidding me?

its end of year and first week of jan we have lotta bills here on Brasil ( gov tax for home, cars, internet)
so I really do no want spent any penny!

I deleted the site from cloudflare … wait some time, readd, their bots reads the dns configs, in the registro BR, I changed the new cloudflare DNS, and voilá the zero trust still there!

im getting unhappy! WTF why they don’t creat easy solutions? why creat ways to complicate more the life! and its a steal ! pay to remove a service, and doesn’t matter if is for you American rich a one dollar, im not rich, and it has a high cost here in the country!!

well well well @cloudflare! may u please help here? 2 acceptable international credit cards
and your system with problems?

Hi @edduvaz to reach the Cloudflare Support team, please open an Account ticket and share your ticket number here so that we can flag it for the team. The Community does not have access to billing issues.

You can open a Billing ticket here,

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ok, I resolved the zero trust issue by myself,

lets begin to step 01:

GOOGLE can’t find the ads.txt that is on the host of the domain !

what would you do to solve it ??

Yeah that won’t change anything which is why it wasn’t one of the options I proposed. Crazy right?

lol I thought I could work, and amazon just work with cloudflare If Im not wrong.
anyway zero trust issue are solved bymyself.

now step one again: ADS.TXT

it is on the host, I can access, but the google cannot …

It does unless you configure settings to prevent it.

Determine the reason the request is being blocked from your server, Google and Cloudflare logs. Adjust the policy you put in place which is blocking the requests.

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actually the access isnt being blocked.

the google can’t access,