Google Consent Mode Implementation (Zaraz)

I am used to set up Consent Mode via Google Tag Manager and any Consent Management Platform.

However, I was wondering if I use Zaraz instead of GTM will I be able to implement Google’s Consent Mode via Zaraz and how?

Zaraz does not implement Google’s Consent Mode. Zaraz has its own Consent management logic and UI, that blocks or permits certain tools based on users’ consent choices:

Thank you for this, can you share a full, proper config? I can see that we can import configurations.

I won’t provide you with a full config. Setting up consent involves assigning each of the tools you use to specific purposes based on your privacy policy and own judgement.

To enable consent, go to the “Consent” tab under Zaraz in the sidebar:


Make sure you check the checkbox next to “Enable Consent Management” and fill the consent modal text:

Then, configure purposes and assign tools to those purposes:

You can validate your setup using Zaraz Debugger