Google Connection problems with Cloudflare Again

Continuing the discussion from Cloudflare blocks Google (WebPage?) bots even if rate limiting was disabled:

Hi all.

Is Cloudflare having Outages and Connection Limits again or are the Connection Problems
again related to the Worker Environment ?

I just Checked the Google Search Console and see that Google Reports
that 20% of the Connection maded to Cloudflare on 29. October aka a few days ago
failed !!!

It looks like the last Days the Reported Google Connection Problems still persisted and did not go away …

Checked the Firewall Statistcs to see if there are some rate limits applied but nothing is reported
as rate limited and ther is nothing related to google reported as problematic in the firewall stats.

This looks like Cloudflare having some kind of Issues again …

See Pictures here about reported Connection Problems:

After some more research in the Google search console i think this Connection Problems could
be probably related to the google crawler itself.

Found out that the google crawler makes request out of nowhere to resources that do no exists or the url itslef is malformed or the rquested resource is hot link protected.

This Connection problems may be related to hot link protection or some kind restriction on Cloudflare side after google does some kind of crazy thing.

Here Picture of 500 Errors to Resources that never existed on the website
Need find out why it returns 500 Error instead of 404.
Maybe Origin server get confused.
Some Resources are reported also as hot link protected.

Could be very well be that Cloudflare has no Problems and all is good and the Problem is on Google
Screenshot from 2022-11-04 03-34-28