Google CNAME Verification Method

I need to verify a domain with Google and they want me to put a CNAME record in with a specific format. I get an error that the host must have an @ in it. Here’s the instructions. How do I add this CNAME record?

Create a CNAME record:

  1. Create the following CNAME record through your domain hosting provider:
  • Label/Host: deleteGAPPSnotBefore20190511utc
  • Destination/Target:
  • Time to live (TTL): 3600 seconds / 60 minutes / 1 Hour
    Note: An existing CNAME record cannot be used. Our tools use these specifically formatted CNAME records to process the requests.

If you have an error that looks like this it means you have nothing in the ‘Name’ field for the DNS record.

The CNAME config should look like this:

Make sure you have a grey cloud for this DNS record, or Google will fail to see that the record has been created correctly.

The Label/Host should go in the Name field, and the Destination/Target in the Domain Name field.

That’s what I have for the CNAME. It doesn’t like that “delete” stuff in the name and if you click the Add button you get that red error.

It works for me on a test domain:

michael$ dig +short

Just make sure you enter the values you have exactly, without leading or trailing spaces, etc. It is sometimes easy to copy the domain name in such a way that it includes http:// at the beginning, so just double check it is entered correctly.


Thanks! It must have been a space. I tried for the 3rd time and it took it.

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