Google & Cloudflare for websites not hosted in the US


Hello! Im from Poland. My question is - my website are hosted in Poland. How Google will treat these website if I use cloudflare without moving these to hosting in USA? I will appreciate any answer. Many Thanks.

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Hi @goromir,

Good question. On some level Google’s secret sauce is impossible to predict. But, there are few things Cloudflare does which can help to improve site’s search ranking regardless of where they are hosted.

Users (and spiders) will connect to the closest Cloudflare POP in relation to their location. Assets which Cloudflare has cached will be delivered quickly to the users which improves overall speed and page load times. Also Cloudflare makes it easy to put your site on SSL which Google looks at favorably from a rankings perspective.

Using tools like auto-minify and polish can also help to reduce the size of the overall page load which improves load time and is also likely a factor in the overall Google search results.

But this is a great topic for other website owners to chime in on with real world experiences, tips and suggestions so hopefully others can chime in and share their experiences.


In addition to cscharff’s answer, I recommend — which actually retrieve your webpage using googlebot — so you can check if “googlebot’s scores” improved or not after adding Cloudflare to your site.


For the record, it looks like Google changed that testing tool a few days ago. It now relies on and only tests the mobile version of the webpage. Googlebot’s scores are gone.


I’ve found that it makes very little difference if you already have strong SEO anyway - our popular stuff is still popular and our less popular stuff is still crap