Google Cloud used with Cloudflare

I have a Wordpress/Woocommerce site with SSL provided by my host. Running site with Cloudflare. I am moving my most of my media (images, mp3s etc) to Google Cloud. The account is setup and bucket in place. Test show that the image is being shown but is being accessed through Google Cloud (which is correct). However, I would like to have those images be served through Cloudflare just like rest of my site’s assets. Can someone give me the steps to make this happen?

Thanks in advance.

Thats easy enough to do.

I assume you have named the bucket based on the domain you will be accessing your images via?

For example your domain name is “” and your images are in bucket called “” ? ( Host a static website  |  Cloud Storage  |  Google Cloud)

Once you have that done, and can load the images via something like" all you need to do on the Cloudflare side is point “” to as a CNAME and make sure it is “orange cloud” enabled:

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