Google Cloud Uptime Monitoring with Cloudflare Proxy enabled fails

I am using Google Cloud Uptime Monitoring to monitor a website with Cloudflare managing the DNS. The monitoring works perfectly with the proxy disable, but as soon as enable the Cloudflare proxy, the Uptime alert starts firing.

Can someone please point me towards the correct configuration (either for the GCP uptime monitoring or on the Cloudflare side)?

Thank you!

The monitoring is probably being blocked by WAF or bot rules. You should figure out how to whitelist the monitoring solution either by IP or user agent.

Thanks! :+1:t3: Is there a good log on the Cloudflare side that you would recommend viewing to identify the user agent please? Thanks again!

I added the WAF rule and it’s matching, but the uptime check is still failing.

I’m a bit at a loss why the necessary network traffic is getting blocked. Any ideas, please?

Do you see anything in your firewall logs that is blocking traffic? Also does google report back the error code that it is getting or just says it failed?

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