Google Cloud Run subdomain DNS

I deploy a number of services to Google Cloud Run. The services typically follow naming with “my-domain” and “” point to the frontend service, and “” point to the api service.

Cloud Run suggests to map “my-domain” to via A and AAAA records to 8 different IPs. That works absolutely fine so long as the records are “DNS only” and I use full SSL/TLS encryption mode.

The problem is with the subdomains. Cloud run suggests to map those via CNAME to “”. Setting that up doesn’t work, the domain doesn’t resolve. When I set up the subdomains using A and AAAA records by pointing them to the root domains IPs it all works fine, but that needs setting up 8 records for each subdomain!

Can someone help me understand how to correctly configure the DNS using CNAME to point to Cloud Run for my subdomains?

If you :orange: proxy a CNAME record, it becomes a Proxied “A” record. Any DNS record in Cloudflare should resolve…if you look in the right places.

If you need more assistance, please post actual hostnames you’re using in Cloudflare.

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