Google cloud issue with cloudflare - Site Down

Hi, I recently migrated one of my old site to Google cloud. After changing Google cloud ip in cloudflare DNS dashboard, I am unable to access my website, although Google cloud ip ( is up and is able to load my site without theme (Theme was not loading because in wordpress dashboard I have changed site URL to instead of ip)
Please help to resolve the issue.

You are redirecting to HTTPS, even though your server is not configured for HTTPS. Either remove that redirect or - better - properly configure your server for HTTPS with a valid certificate.

But SSL already enabled in cloudflare, thatswhy I am redirecting HTTPS, even wordpress dashboard URL also written with HTTPS. Even I also tried without SSL, but issue still same. Please suggest.

If SSL is enabled on Cloudflare does not matter in this context, as you still need SSL on your server, which is also why the connection fails. To fix this you need to enable SSL on your server and install a valid certificate.

But I have not configured SSL on my previous host also. SSL was only enabled on cloudflare. But in that scenario site working fine, currently I have restored my site temporarily on my old host. Please help so that I can migrate it to Google cloud.

One more thing when I disable SSL, then site able to n open, but only in text format, but theme and design formatting was not there, only links were there, so I moved back it to old host, until I get some solution.

But you need SSL. Sorry, not going to have that conversation again. Use the search for that.

Install a certificate on your server and it should work.

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