Google Cloud CDN Interconnect Locations


As mentioned in this link in Google: in the pricing section, there are CDN locations of CloudFlare that are approved for the interconnect program. So I’m guessing not all POP of CloudFlare can be used for this interconnect program with Google?

Where could we find those locations?


I believe these listed on the CF details page are eligible for interconnect:

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Thanks, Judge.
Do you know where I could find the discount rates? It says “up to 75% of discount” so it could be 5% or 75%. At least in Sydney, AU-- any links that could tell me the discount?


I would love to know that myself… Anything you can dig up @cloonan or that you know from experience @cscharff?

edit it should be automatic, shouldn’t it? But I don’t know.


Yes I believe that’s the most updated public list we have. It’s possible there are now more; not sure when the map was last updated.

If that exists I assume it would be available from Google as it’s their system/ billing discounts which are applied. Sorry I don’t know more.

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