Google can't crawl my site

Hi I have moved my domain to cloudflare while it was still on maintenance and had the search engines indexation disallowed (wordpress toggle) but now that i allowed it back it still can’t be crawled, i flushed my server cache and local cache but the problem persists, so i guess it might have to do with cloudflare install and/or cloudflare caching , any suggestions are welcome please help . Thanks


Visit Google Search Console, use the “Inspect URL” tool, then click on the “Test Live URL” button.

After Google finishes fetching the page, if the result is that it was blocked by a 403 head to Cloudflare Dashboard > Security > Events.

Find the event related to this URL block. It will give you details on what Cloudflare service has actually blocked/challenged the request, then you can adjust your settings accordingly, by either editing a WAF Custom Rule to avoid blocking Known Bots, or disabling/skipping services such as (Super) Bot Fight Mode.

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