Google caching site incorrectly?

When clicking on my website from doing a google search. It loads all totally broken.

When going directly to our website it is fine. No issues

But. When going to it from google. Totally broken.


Type into Google > Tech News Australia > Click in the top result

You will see, when clicking on the site result (the top ranking result for this keyword) The site loads broken like this

But when doing the same searches on Bing and clicking on the site there is no issue at all

Please note the following.

This only happens in Google. (other search engines this not an issue)
If using brave browser - Its totally fine.
If going directly to my website URL - Totally fine
Problem is only when going to my site from a google search

I have also tried the following trobleshooting steps

Paused CDNs
Removed caching plugins
Disabled other plugins
Removed the stock ticker and the site logo
Tried from other WAN connections
Cleared my snippt cache from Google Search Console

The problem is associated with Google search and Google search only. The way its caching me. I have ruled out as many things as possible

Once more. Not a problem in other search engines
Does not happen when using brave browser in
Not a problem on mobile - Only desktop

This is 100% a google cache thing. Can’t be my site. Ruled it all out. Even disabled all possilbe caching systems on my end and then did a snippt cache flush in search consle. Did not help

I am desperate for answers.

The only thing I can think of here is is an issue with (SXGs) Google’s Signed Exchanges.-

No malware
No Virus
Totally clean (Confirmed by three sources and testing methods_

Can not reproduce in Safari, Firefox, or Brave.

Best to check your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) and check Network and Console tab for errors.


This problem is happening inside google chrome and edge. when clicking on my site from search

It also seems to have started since cache reserve was added back to my account.

This is happening globally, I have checked from three different windows VPS servers from acound the world

You might have been tricked - Why ? See here…

This is happing when the website becomes cached in someones browser. So you wont see it happen tjhe first time. However, you will see it happen the second time once the website beccomes cached in your Google Chrome Browser or Microsoft Edge Browser when visiting the site from a Google Search.

Can you please see again given the information I just provided you above.

Using either Google Chrome Or Microsoft Edge.

Go To -

Type - Tech News Australia

You will see the result - (my listed site here Tech Business News)

Click on it. >You will see it load broken

If not see it load broken . Back out of Google Chrome or Edge. And try again. You should now see the broken site.

In regards to your suggestion. Dev tools. I have no clue about this. As you mentioned you do not see the erorr in your listed browers. But it does happen in both Chrome and Edge (The most common browsers used) I have tested from three different windows VPS boxes around the world. It is in fact happening globally

I have spoken to the theme designer. He is also seeing the issue. He informed me that some CSS is not loading due to CDN.

Hi Matt,

I also cannot reproduce the error in Edge or Brave (chromium). Your site is loading fine after going to Google searching for your site, clicking it, it loads successfully. I then shut my browser and repeated like you said, it still has been loading fine.

Maybe try to purge the cache, under the cache settings in Cloudflare this may work, it’s also possible that it’s cached locally, so maybe try clearing out your browser cache and give it another try? I see the screenshot you posted was from yesterday (AEST), so it could have in fact resolved itself overnight.

All the best, hopefully we can get it working for you!

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I don’t have those, which is why I recommended:

did u check blocking log? any clue what blocking is?
and google search console did u test url inspection live test url after that view crawl page in screenshot and more info to check what is not loaded.

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