Google bot stopped coming to site pages (Indexing API)

Hi. About 7-8 days ago, I noticed that the google bot stopped coming to pages on the site when submitting queries via the Indexing API.
I checked everything:

  • I have over 100 sites, both new and old.
  • changed content
  • added content
  • I did everything I could, registered new domains and tested…
    The whole thing is that all the sites are on
    When I did the test, created a new site and submitted the new pages to Google Indexing API - they got indexed.
    I decided to repeat the test and made a similar site, only the domain connected to - and google bot again did not come.
    I have clearly defined that when the site are on ip - Google bot does not come.
    Although everything worked fine before.
    Can you please tell me what to do? How to change IP or IP zone.
    IP - under Google blocking?

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