Google Bot blocked my website

Google bot blocked my website and fetching.

When I disabled Cloudflare its start fetching.

How to solve it please help.


Cloudflare generally doesn’t block access to websites. What is the error Google is reporting? Have you added any Page Rules or Firewall Rules?

I never add any Firewall rules.

My webmaster tools showing all url access denied.

When I use Robots.txt tester its showing robots.txt not found (404)

It seems like you don’t have a robots.txt file. In such cases we assume that there are no restrictions and crawl all content on your site. Learn more.

When I fetch the website its showing “Error”

When I login Cloudflare and disable or bypass my ip start working fine. fetching, showing Robots txt.etc.

Please Help.

What’s the domain?

And how are you Bypassing? Is this by going to the DNS page and setting the domain to :grey:?

I off :grey: 9 (I off cloud sign)

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