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I am applying for google adsense and it keeps saying Site down or unavailable. I have loaded robots.txt file. Could cloudflare be blocking access?

If so what can I do about it?

The domain is


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Check the Firewall overview page for an Event Log entry for the robots file. If you see one, click on it to see which of your settings is blocking access.

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Thanks for your response, are you referring to this?

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This is a fake GoogleBot, unlikely related to the issue.


Thanks, this is the only activity log. Is there something else I can check?

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Not that Iā€™m aware of, unless there is some firewall rule deployed by you somewhere, the issue might not be related to Cloudflare.

Note that you are allowing European visitors on your site and I did not receive any cookie notice despite trackers being present on the site, this might be part of the issue.

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Thanks for the advice. I added a cookie notice.

I then removed my site from Cloudflare and the site got approved

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