Google Blocklisted Proxy IP


I’ve spent the past couple days trying to figure out why my emails have been getting rejected when I send them.
Turns out the proxy IP related to my domain “” is blacklisted on Googles servers.

The support person I talked to at Google said that there is nothing they can do about this and that it is something Cloudflare has to resolve on their end.

Any help would be appreciated and if I could get a different proxy IP that would be even better.


Any email-related DNS records should set to DNS-only :grey: mode.

Thanks for the quick reply and the useful information.

This however isn’t an “email-related” DNS record. It’s related to my A recorb (record).
The proxy IP assigned to my record is blacklisted by google and considered malicious. If it is included in any emails or messages it gets instantly rejected.

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