Google authenticator problems

please help me, I invented to do authentication in two steps and I ended up without asceso my account with google authentication. the biggest ■■■■ they invented, I formatted my cell phone I lost the password, and the app does not provide backup. I wrote this account to enter here. My original email account is (redacted)

Here’s a guide that includes account recovery:

Thank you for replying more, I do not know how to carry out some prosecution I fornatei my cell phone the APP until loga in my account google more in the site Cloudflare not, understood? I have to send an email to the cloud support and the geito, this app is not good to get rid of the Cloudflare system, I only see mags everywhere, since they do not have a cloud to save the codes, nor does it backpcode access to sites, that’s the problem.

You were provided with at least one backup code during the 2FA setup process, which should not be saved on the same device that is used for the second factor.

It’s not Cloudflare’s fault if you did so, or If you didn’t write it down or lost the piece of paper with that code.

Follow the process above to regain access to your account. I’d recommend to use Authy for 2FA instead then.

BTW. Google Authenticator is not the only app that doesn’t save codes or accounts. It’s the Same for Duo Security fir example. Butyou can sync it with Google Drive or something else before formatting or setting up a new device. Not sure about Google Auth.

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