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I was wondering also wondering if google finds a direct link to my site will they hold it against me the fact that they will only find http?

Google would not find a direct link to your Website if you do not submit a sitmap to Google Search Console which would contain your link(s) to index them.
Moreover, using robots.txt file you can control how and which Web robot/spider can access and crawl your sitemap on the Web.

In a situation, you can have both HTTP and HTTPS, but that would result in a way of having the same content (multiple) and duplicated served from the same domain name over HTTP(S).

You would be better to add all the possible variations:

To the Google Search Console. Make a decision which one you would like to use (I prefer https and www) and make the others do HTTP 301 redirect to your main (as stated https and www).

Google would not penalize you if you only have HTTP, rather would warn users of potential “unsecure website” if they access it via their Web browser.

Cloudflare gives you free HTTPS (Universal SSL as Flexible option - not recommended, see below, but furthermore Full SSL) option.
Moreover, automatic HTTP to HTTPS redirection and all links to be HTTPS either if they are all pointing to HTTP.

You can get a lot of benefits using Cloudflare, not just HTTPS :wink:

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