Google Analytics Zero Data & Can't Install App

Since locking up my server with ACLs so that only CF can access it my Google Analytics has gone to zero. I’ve read a bunch about this and it seems the solution (or one) is to install the GA app on Cloudflare - but when I go to the app I just get

There was an error loading the page.

I do see the tracking GA javascript in the page and it’s not generating any errors so I’m not sure what’s up. I do actually prefer the CF reporting tools but as it doesn’t have a real-time tracker (or at least not that I can find) I sorta like to see that GA.

Anyone else able to access the app? I am using a free CF account so perhaps that’s why?



Hi @edexigeous, plan type should not affect that. Have you reached out to the developer, [email protected] for input?

Do you mean the developer of the GA app here on CF? No, as I don’t think I could even determine that as when I click on the app I get that error. If you are said developer consider this that reach out :wink: If not I’ll email that now.

I confirm this is happening for months now, whenever I try to open the Google Analytics app page I’m greeted instantly with

There was an error loading the page.

This happens on either Chrome and Firefox, all the time, the app just isn’t accessible at all.

Thanks for confirming, I wish someone would just remove it then as clearly it’s totally broken and shouldn’t be listed.