Google Analytics Zero Data & Can't Install App

Since locking up my server with ACLs so that only CF can access it my Google Analytics has gone to zero. I’ve read a bunch about this and it seems the solution (or one) is to install the GA app on Cloudflare - but when I go to the app I just get

There was an error loading the page.

I do see the tracking GA javascript in the page and it’s not generating any errors so I’m not sure what’s up. I do actually prefer the CF reporting tools but as it doesn’t have a real-time tracker (or at least not that I can find) I sorta like to see that GA.

Anyone else able to access the app? I am using a free CF account so perhaps that’s why?



Hi @edexigeous, plan type should not affect that. Have you reached out to the developer, [email protected] for input?

Do you mean the developer of the GA app here on CF? No, as I don’t think I could even determine that as when I click on the app I get that error. If you are said developer consider this that reach out :wink: If not I’ll email that now.